Israeli Company Pulls Water Out Of Your…Atmosphere

Israeli Company Pulls Water Out Of Your…Atmosphere

By Diane Israel

The old adage is true. Where there’s water there’s life. But providing drinkable water in drought-stricken areas, along with rising global temperatures, human-generated pollution, and a worldwide population north of 7 billion, is straining water supplies and our ability to push it where it’s needed, and when it’s needed.

It’s estimated that by 2025, a full two-thirds of the world’s population will face regular drinking water shortages.

Israeli company Watergen may just have the solution for the entire world. And if recent deployments of its Water From Air solutions stand the test of time, we may well be on our way to solving the world’s water needs…forever!

In that past two years, Watergen has inked deals for its Water from Air systems in South Africa, India, Russia, and the United States, and is working with FEMA and the American Red Cross for disaster relief contingencies. It has also gained the attention of the United Nations for humanitarian aid.

Watergen’s Water from Air technology comprises three systems or products.

    1. Large Scale Water Generator:Requiring no infrastructure but electricity, the industrial scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is literally a plug-and-drink solution, aimed for schools, hospitals, commercial/residential buildings, whole villages, factories and off-grid settlements, providing a robust and renewable source for fresh, clean drinking water. LS Generator can potentially service millions around the world, eliminating their need to “hunt” for water every day, providing water independence and social stability.


    1. gen-350 water from air systemGEN–350 (Medium Scale Atmospheric Water Generator).The GEN-350 is a medium scale, and highly mobile water generator aimed for fast and easy deployment in all weather conditions. Weighing 800kg, the GEN-350 can be easily mounted on a small truck or SUV, servicing water to remote, and otherwise difficult to access locations.


  1. GENNY (Small Scale Atmospheric Water Generator).Genny water from air systemGENNY provides a renewable source of clean and fresh drinking water for homes and offices. Requiring no infrastructure what so ever but electricity, it is literally a plug and drink solution, that can be installed in minutes anywhere, eliminating the daily dependency on bottled water. Employing state of the art, multi-stage, оzone based water purification and circulation system ensure water quality at premium levels, keeping them cool and fresh over time.


About Watergen

Watergen’s vision is to provide humanity with an abundant, renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water, by extracting it directly from the air, our most abundant water resource.