What A ‘SMART HOME’ of the future will look like

What A ‘SMART HOME’ of the future will look like

The smart home, which some predict will be a reality by as soon as 2024, is exactly what you think it is. A control center for all the electronic anatomy that comprises a home. Furnace/AC, security, household appliances such as washer and dryer, stove, frig, dishwasher, and so on…plus a lot more than you imagine.

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Eran Barkat, Partner at BRM Group, says that just like we imagine an autonomous, smart supermarket, the same autonomy can be applied to the home. The future indeed lies in the transformation of our private residences into smart, autonomous spaces, he says.

“Imagine coming back home from work and having your house connected to your personal calendar, a robot setting up the table for dinner and washing your clothes and hot water at your immediate disposal,” he says.

The trend of smart homes is already happening and incorporates everything from a robot that anticipates people’s needs to a fridge that indicates if the right ingredients are on-hand while regulating its own temperature.

This trend sheds light on the opportunities that come with autonomous utilities, namely privacy, comfort, and security.

As part of this ongoing phenomenon, attention is also drawn to autonomous home logistics, whereby emotional needs are anticipated and met. Barkat imagines a future where visits to the supermarket will become obsolete, while home logistics will be seamlessly automatized.

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