Breakthrough in Wound Care Reduces Infection, Accelerates Healing

Breakthrough in Wound Care Reduces Infection, Accelerates Healing

True. Good ole Aloe Vera does a great job for the occasional burn from a hot stove, or the many scrapes kids seem to attract. The natural bovine treatment of Colostrum also does a bang up job for all types of open wounds. But until now, severe burn victims had to undergo months (if not years) of painful bandage wraps.

The new wound care treatment has a few advantages over traditional wound treatment. For starters, the treatment never touches the wound which reduces infection. In addition, no bandages are needed. Anyone who has undergone large scale burns know all-too-well the pain and suffering of having their bandages applied and basically ripped off the skin on a daily basis.

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Israeli-developed laser technologies are also sought after to help reduce the devastating impact of scars in burn victims.

“This is one of the birthplaces of laser medicine. You have doctors here who think innovation, it’s in their blood. It is a very exciting environment to work in,” US-based Burn Advocates Network founder Samuel Davis, tells NoCamels.

Davis was in town this week for the inauguration of the Israel Pediatric Aesthetic and Reconstructive Laser Surgery Center of Excellence (I-PEARLS), which he founded to be part of the National Burn Center at Sheba Medical Center.

Prof. Josef Haik, the Director of Israel’s National Burn Center Intensive Care Unit at Sheba Medical Center, and Prof. Arie Orenstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, worked closely with Davis to develop this first center in the Middle East focused on non-invasive methods to heal scars.

In Israel, burns are the most common injuries among children (and especially in winter), according to the Ministry of Health. In 2017, 3,286 children were treated for burn wounds at emergency wards and Terem clinics, according to the latest data by the Ministry of Health.The data shows that 84 percent of burn child victims are injured at home.

“Laser treatments have been around for years but somehow kids with burn scars got left out of the focus. When you take innovative clinicians and you put them together with the latest equipment, good things happen,” says Davis, a philanthropist from New Jersey who is also the founder of Camp Sababa, Israel’s camp for pediatric burn survivors.

“Sheba has a tradition of bringing catastrophic burn cases from Greece, Syria, Africa, the Palestinian Authority areas and from all over the region. This will just increase and expand the ability of the doctors to accept patients and teach physicians and surgeons in foreign countries. It increases the capability of Sheba to do its mission,” says Davis. “The center is already training doctors from other countries and we’re laying the groundwork to export I-PEARLS techniques.”

Indeed, Israel’s name as an innovator in the burn treatment space is sought out, agrees Barak, of Nanomedic.

“Israel is a source of a lot of innovation. All the physicians and companies with whom we’ve been in touch appreciate the innovative approach we have here,” she says.

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