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From ‘Content is King’ to GODLIKE, Part 3

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From ‘Content is King’ to GODLIKE, Part 3

In part 2 of Content is King’ to GODLIKE, we set the table for the showdown of a new godlike figure derived from harnessing content and apply artificial intelligence to it. We also drew distinctions between traditional, personal revelation gods and their contemporary contenders. In part 3, we look at how tech can become godlike by inculcating many godlike characteristics from heretofore unworked information, and how that information, once worked, can become autonomous knowledge. And Voila! we are encroaching on the purview of a virtual deity.

To fully grasp this ascendance we must implicate some mathematics, in particular, the many algorithms that drive AI.

What are algorithms anyway? Algorithms are automated rules that aspire to one of three things, and sometimes more than just one:

  • Solves problems in the most efficient way, that is, a way to accomplish a complex task quicker than any other way.
  • A way to analyze data in a way that provides a degree of certainty or predictable outcomes. Note these predictions are not absolute but rather, probabilistic.
  • A way to reason through a variety of data points toward the goal of sense-making.

Chances are when you do a Google search, you are engaging in at least goal 1, if not more than that. And when you go to a news portal like, those ads you see are being fed by algorithms that analyze your content consumption behavior which is why said ads are rarely irrelevant to you, even if you don’t click on them. Taking it one step further, you will notice ads that are not related to content you viewed recently (somewhere else) but are still very relevant. How can that be? Algorithms can correlate in ways that appear almost magical.

Algorithm definition (Wikipedia): a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

In the next article we’ll take a look at real-world applications of the nascent godlike technology being used “on you” right now.

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